Saturday, December 13, 2008

Charles Rangel and Operation Fruehmenschen

Congressman Charles Rangel of Harlem has been under persistent attack for at least 6 months by the New York Times and New York Post. This has been alleged to be another instance of the infamous Operation Fruehmenschen. This operation goes back to the 1950s and the infamous Gay Edgar Hoover of the FBI. His idea was that Black elected officials must be continuously investigated for crimes, since they were axiomatically unable to govern, mentally or socially. So even with Barack Obama in the Presidency, we face the evil racist oligarchy, the British oligarchy all over again. Note that Rangel has been a critic of the bailout everything mentality. By not kissing the butt of the financial oligarchy and their real estate demands for more and more ground rent, he has become a special target.

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