Thursday, February 15, 2018

Can Trump Get Chinese Money?

Hey Harlem and Bronx dudes, time to get some Chinese money for Trump's infrastructure plan.... we can do it, they say at CGTN, Chinese TV. China has US Treasury notes, remember dudes??

Opinion: Make America Great Again – with Chinese money!
Guest commentary by Dr. John Gong

2018-02-14 13:50 GMT+8
Updated 2018-02-14 17:21 GMT+8
This is not an investment fundraising prospectus. 
But let me be honest with you, I do smell money. A lot of money. I am talking about US President Donald Trump’s upcoming plan to spend 1.5 trillion US dollars on infrastructure, announced in the State of the Union address two weeks ago. With the success of the latest tax cut legislation behind him, Trump is now serious about making America great again, or “gleaming” again to be more precise. 

Trump: Getting 1.5 trillion US dollars in infrastructure spending is "up to Congress" on Capitol Hill in Washington, Feb 28, 2017 /The Canadian Press
Thank goodness he did not say with American money!
We all know America is broke. Terribly broke. 
Its total debt level stands at 70 trillion US dollars, averaging 0.83 million US dollars per family. Today’s Republican leadership has entirely trashed the fiscal accountability banner, while the Democrats continue to be perennial spenders. According to the Committee for a Responsible Federal Budget (CRFB), which is a nonpartisan, non-profit organization committed to educating the public on issues of fiscal policy, the latest budget agreement hatched between the two parties would add 11 trillion US dollars of new debt over the next 10 years. No one on Capitol Hill cares anymore that this debt is going to mount up for future generations.

United States Capital Building /VCG Photo
Nevertheless, Trump is absolutely right that America’s crippled bridges, potholed highways, and crooked railways cannot wait any longer. America needs to be great again. The only question is, where is the money coming from?
Well, being a shrewd real estate mogul, Trump certainly has a few financing tricks in his tool box. The details of the administration’s infrastructure plan can be found in a six-page leaked document recently published by Axios. I have a PDF copy on my desk, and I cannot help marveling at Trump’s genius after going through all its details. 
According to the plan, he is only going to spend 200 billion US dollars of federal grant money to leverage off the rest of the 1.5 trillion US dollars for investments by states, localities and private firms with public sector sponsors. Grant awards would be capped at 20 percent of a project’s total cost.
Now it is still not clear where that 200 billion US dollars is going to come from. Trump said he is going to squeeze money from budget cuts in other areas. 

US dollars /VCG Photo 
What is more brilliant about the plan is that funding priority is basically based on the ability of the local government to bring money to the table. Take as an example the Infrastructure Incentives Initiative, which is the largest program in the plan, accounting for 50 percent of total appropriations. Let’s look at its criteria of how grants are awarded. 
Fifty percent of the weighted criteria would be based on evidence of how an applicant can provide “new, non-federal revenue to create sustainable, long-term funding.” Another 20 percent would be based on the extent an applicant will be able to secure and commit non-federal revenue for operations, maintenance and rehabilitation. The rest of the weights – accounting for new technology, efficiency in project delivery and operations, and spurring economic and social returns on investment – only add up to 30 percent. 
In other words, in Trump’s world, not surprisingly, money counts. 
Well, if that is the case, I have a great idea. Bank of China and other major banks from China are now flush with dollar cash and other dollar-denominated liquid assets, totaling over $3 trillion US dollars, mostly in the form of holdings in US treasury bills and bonds. This money can be readily used for Chinese investors to participate in America’s infrastructure boom. By that I mean Chinese investors can participate in those infrastructure projects as active equity investors, and maybe contractors or suppliers at the same time. 

A Bank of China employee displays US dollars /VCG Photo
Call it the Belt and Road. Call it America-belt-America-road. I don’t care, as long as China’s current account trade surplus can be somehow transformed into a capital account stock, in the form of money invested in America as permanent equity shareholders, and more importantly permanent stakeholders of a stable and prosperous Sino-US economic relationship. This could be a win-win mode for both countries.
(Dr. John Gong is a professor at the University of International Business and Economics. The article reflects the author's opinion, and not necessarily the views of CGTN.) 

Friday, February 9, 2018

Trump and the Stock Market Crash

Hmmm is crying over British agent Christopher Steele.... how amusing.... screech screech.  What a joke.

Hey Harlem and Bronx dudes... crash, correction, it is all related... A choppy wall st... but does it make a difference... :?  Are they freakin out that Trump loyalists Devin Nunes and Sen. Grassley are fighting back.... Of course the British are in a total freakout, but what else is new.....  Return Chris Steele to his MI6 owners.... time to make him talk.  But they won't let him talk in London, cause MI6 "Mother" and the British Foreign office are watching the trials there...

Tuesday, January 23, 2018

St. Hillary Will Not Save you from Trump.... too bad

St. Hillary Clinton... an icon at the NYC women's march on Sat. January 20th... on Central Park West... how pathetic and ridiculous...  But still, the leftover problems of Obama and the Hillary Clinton war hysteria still hang over America in a weird way...
How can it be that Prime Minister Shinzo Abe's leadership in Japan have come to see both China and Russia as close partners for cooperation, while President Trump's Defense Secretary and National Security Advisor declare Russia and China greater threats to the United States than international terrorism?
Japan is America's closest ally in Asia, closest partner in placing pressure on North Korea to denuclearize, and is an immediate neighbor to both China and Russia and to the Korean Peninsula. Prime Minister Abe, like Trump, has met repeatedly with Russian President Putin over the same time period, and like Trump, has had the intention of developing cooperation.
But Abe has followed through, and is now following through with China's Belt and Road Initiative as well; Trump has been prevented. As both Russia and China clearly see, he has been prevented by his McCarthyite opposition, emphatically including in the Republican Party and military.
The "Russiagate" coup attempt against Trump fronted by legal assassin Robert Mueller has been badly damaged by our own and other exposures, and can be defeated.
Now the strategic insanity surrounding the President — epitomized in the new draft National Defense Strategy unveiled by Defense Secretary Mattis — is a greater threat: to him, to the United States, and to the human species. Take to heart the warning of former Defense Secretary William Perry, that the false missile alert in Hawai'i was not a false alarm, but a wake-up call, about how close even accidental thermonuclear destruction is, in a crisis of confrontation of nuclear powers. Take to heart the warnings of Rep. Tulsi Gabbard of Hawai'i, that the Bush-Obama "regime-change wars" must be ended — as Trump intended to — or the threat of thermonuclear war will be on the doorstep.
Even if that destruction is avoided, the strategy of great-power confrontations recently pronounced by Vice President Pence, Secretary Mattis, crazed Napoleons of the GOP like Senators Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz, etc., takes away all chance of cooperation with China in the Belt and Road Initiative of great infrastructure projects, or with Russia in Southwest Asian peace.
New Cold War? Forget it. In the Cold War, the United States had numerous allies. In declaring war on China, Russia, and the "New Silk Road," America has just one: Great Britain, the great user of American military power and great destroyer of American economic power from within.
The President should declare — as he may do — the new National Defense Strategy null and void, and take the Davos or the State of the Union occasion to declare to join the "New Silk Road." What that will mean for America's domestic policies, is what Lyndon LaRouche called "four new laws to save the nation," which we are mobilizing to put at the center of the upcoming mid-term election contests.

Thursday, January 18, 2018

Afraid to Fight for Trump?

I made a few phone calls to Republican party people.... A couple of people agreed we need to stop the phoney Russiagate, Mueller witchhunt... and yes we need a real infrastructure program... but they really don't want to fight... they have excuses... Still it is an interesting situation.

Still it is also nice that we have Kesha Rogers running for Congress in 2018 from the Houston Texas area, as an independent candidate against impeacher idiot Cong. Al Green.... And we are looking for other candidates for Larouchepac to support..... read on....

We seek to create large blocks of voters and candidates endorsing this platform in critical Congressional Districts and, thereby, win the future for this country by making this platform which follows, a reality. (Please leave your address, it will help us determine key congressional districts.)

A leaflet announcing this campaign can be found here.
Our future could be determined by the 2018 Congressional elections. Neither party has a program to advance the nation, let alone ensure our short-term survival. Therefore, we advance the following platform, and launch an independent expenditure campaign to make it happen. We will campaign on the platform below, endorsing or opposing candidates, and creating large blocks of voters and candidates demanding this platform in critical Congressional Districts.
Presently, both major political parties are controlled by Wall Street. Both parties adhere to the post–World War II geopolitical system that has produced decades of perpetual war, and now threatens World War III by attacking China and Russia. The Democrats intend to use these elections to impeach the President. The Republicans, while nominally supporting the President, fanatically adhere to Wall Street’s economic ideas which will destroy his Presidency.
The 2018 LaRouche Platform is the solution!

A Future-Oriented Platform

The LaRouche platform has two flanks.
End the coup against the President and prosecute those responsible.
Implement LaRouche’s Four Laws for Economic Recovery of the United States and join China’s great Belt and Road Initiative for economic development.
This will create millions of productive jobs, and ensure the United States joins a new paradigm of global collaboration on great infrastructure projects advancing the common aims of mankind.

LaRouche’s Four Laws for an Economic Recovery of the USA

These are not independent policies, they must be conceptualized and implemented together.
  1. Immediately reinstate Franklin Roosevelt’s Glass–Steagall banking separation act, before the imminent collapse of Wall Street’s latest financial bubbles.

  2. Return to a national banking system, as originally defined by Alexander Hamilton, and reflected in Abraham Lincoln’s Greenback policy and Franklin Roosevelt’s Reconstruction Finance Corporation.

  3. Direct trillions of dollars of US federal credit towards high technology and high productivity employment, including the rebuilding of US infrastructure.

  4. Launch a crash program to develop fusion power and greatly expand NASA’s human space exploration program.

Joining China’s Belt and Road Initiative

China has launched the largest infrastructure development project in human history. Already ten times bigger than the Marshall plan, the Belt and Road Initiative (The New Silk Road) is bringing dozens of nations together in “win-win” economic collaboration around massive infrastructure projects. Much of Asia is already involved, and the program is already expanding into Europe, Africa, and South America.
For many formerly colonized and so-called developing nations, this is their first real opportunity for modern development. For stagnating industrialized nations, this is a critical opportunity for a new era of rebuilding, advancing, and producing.
The United States needs to join this program for win-win global development.  
LaRouche’s Four Economic Laws and the USA’s joining the New Silk Road, taken together, are the basis for a global renaissance, leaving geopolitics behind and creating a new paradigm of human relations.

We’re asking you and/or your organization to endorse LaRouchePAC’s policy platform for the 2018 elections, and join our campaign. 

Sign here to pledge that you will support this platform and vote for candidates supporting it.

Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Trump- Dont Count on Wall St for Infrastructure

Hey Pres Trump.... Harlem NY dudes telling you the lowdown.... Bronx dudes too.... Wall Street is not going to bail out the economy and never is it going to build infrastructure..... Forget about matching funds let alone 20-80 splits pub-private partnership... not gonna exist.... this is the lowdown from Jason Ross of the larouchepac basement team on the Monday June 8th update.

Lyndon LaRouche has been telling what to do for half a century.... an axiomatic understanding of what you are even measuring in an economy. Economics is about human beings... creativity, development, and infrastructure so these ideas of development can spread.  Otherwise it is crash crash crash....#infrastructure +LaRouchePAC Live @realdonaldtrump +The American Patriot  That is what it is about ... culture, classical music, infrastructure, education, productivity.... time to understand the future and real human goals.

Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Tear Drop Memorial event for the Alexandrov Ensemble Red Army Chorus

“They say when words fail, music speaks. Arts and culture are meant to bring peace to people.”
One year ago, on December 25th, 2016, a Russian plane on its way to Syria to perform for troops crashed into the Black Sea.  The entire Alexandrov Ensemble (Red Army Chorus) musicians and dancers, as well as several promising young journalists and a beloved charity worker perished along with the crew.
Two weeks following this tragedy, on the day Christmas is observed in Russia,  a memorial service was held for the Ensemble  at the Bayonne Tear Drop Memorial, organized by the Schiller Institute NYC  Chorus, the NYPD Ceremonial Unit, and representatives of the Bayonne Fire Department.  Color guards from Bayonne and New York City participated.   Speakers also included Terry Strada of the 9/11 Families United for Justice Against Terrorism, who lost her husband on 9/11, and Peter Iliichev, Deputy Permanent Representative of the Russian Federation to the United Nations,  The Tear Drop Sculpture, also called the memorial “To the Struggle Against World Terrorism”, was built by the Russians as a gift to the American people following the tragedy of 9/11.  In her remarks, Terry Strada concluded:  “Tragedies like this can bring a nation together. Today, it is bringing two nations together. I hope you find comfort in knowing that we feel your pain and mourn your loss, too,” she said. “Russia wanted us, the American people, to have a memorial for the fallen heroes and the citizens lost and killed on 9/11 with a teardrop representing that the world cried with us. Thank you for your kindness and support. Today, we offer you the same.”

The Jan. 2018 event was covered in the Hudson Reporter :, and received other international coverage.    Other articles and videos were posted by:  Ruptly []  and Russia Today:  and others.  The videos were viewed by an international audience of over 1 million people.
The Alexandrov Ensemble One Year Memorial will take place in Bayonne, NJ  this Saturday, January 6th, also on the weekend of the celebration of Christmas in Russia. The gathering and wreath laying will take place from 10 am to 10:45 am at the Tear Drop at 51 Port Terminal Blvd., Bayonne, NJ  07002.
Later in the day, there will be a Musical Commemoration for the Alexandrov Ensemble from 2 pm to 4:30 pm,  presented by the Schiller Institute Chorus and the Foundation for the Revival of Classical Culture at Good Shepherd Faith Presbyterian Church at 152 W. 66th St., New York, NY 10023.  Musical offerings will include the famous Bach Chaconne.
With the Syrian war potentially ending, this year’s tribute for the Ensemble takes on a particularly strong significance.  The Ensemble was travelling to the war front in Syria when they perished.   The invitation from the Schiller Institute NYC Chorus for this year’s ceremony reads:   “Let us resolve that these lives have not been in vain by dedicating ourselves to the creation of a new paradigm, where violence is no longer accepted as human activity.  As Friedrich Schiller admonished us all in his poem, The Artist, ‘The dignity of Man into your hands is given, protector be!  It sinks with you!  With you it is arisen!”
Saturday, January 6th, 2018
Wreath Laying Ceremony 10 am to 10:45 -- 51 Port Terminal Blvd, Bayonne, NJ  07002
Musical Commemoration for the Alexandrov Ensemble
2 pm to 4:30 pm at Good Shepherd Faith Presbyterian Church, 152 W. 66th St., NY
For more information, call:  201-220-7739.

Tuesday, January 2, 2018

End the Coup Against Trump

End the Coup, Stop the Next War, Build the WORLD LAND-BRIDGE


Fri, January 5, 2018
7:00 PM – 10:00 PM EST


The Beacon Hotel, 2nd Floor
2130 Broadway
New York, NY 10023
Friday, January 5th, at 7 pm, William Binney and Ray McGovern of the Veteran Intelligence Professionals for Sanity (VIPS) will join Barbara Boyd, author of the pamphlet "Robert Mueller Is An Amoral Political Assassin. He will Do His Job If You Let Him," for a panel discussion.
Ray McGovern is a retired CIA analyst (1963-1990), and recipient of  the Intelligence Commendation Medal after a career that included preparing the daily brief for the president in the 1980s and chairing the National Intelligence Estimates.   In 2003 he co-founded the Veteran Intelligence Professionals for Sanity.   Barbara Boyd is the author of the very widely-circulated and influential LaRouche PAC dossier on Robert Mueller, entitled:  Robert Mueller Is an Amoral Legal Assassin: He Will Do His Job If You Let Him.  
Bill Binney’s unique role has recently been documented in a 2005 film entitled “A Good American” .  Binney has been an expert in US intelligence for over thirty years, beginning as a cryptographer and then as a top analyst predominantly in the NSA, and then as a “whistle blower”.  His team's successful "thin thread" program designed to use metadata to forecast terrorist threats was rejected and replaced with unconstitutional programs of unprecedented mass surveillance.
The Veteran Intelligence Professionals for Sanity has issued  independent intelligence assessments to presidents, beginning with their counter of the erroneous 2003 Iraq war intelligence estimate.  A VIPS memorandum of July of 2017 conducted a forensic analysis proving that the  DNC computers could not have been hacked from Russia.  The most recent VIPS memorandum dicusses  the error of attributing terrorism to Iran, and focuses on the role of Saudi Arabia in international terrorism.
Registration is required to attend this event. Seating is limited. $20 registration fee, payable at door. Students and seniors $10.

For more information, call 201-562-9890.